Ray Martinez Photography
Kansas photographer capturing the moment through photos and video

On the farm

Coming to your farm, I take a fresh perspective to the important work that goes on to grow your crop. Additionally I can bring video and storytelling to build your brand for your landlords, consumers or whoever your intended audience is.

KS CORN Phase 5-McCauley-121.jpg
KS CORN Planting-McCauley image-86.jpg
KS CORN Phase4-McCauley-33.jpg
KS CORN Phase4-McCauley-39.jpg
Matt Splitter Stills 2nd Trip-18.JPG
KS CORN Phase 5-McCauley-83.jpg
KS CORN Phase3-Rome-27.jpg
KS CORN Phase 6-McNinch Day1-22.jpg
KS CORN Phase4-McCauley-66.jpg
KS CORN Phase4-McCauley-18.jpg